Dance Battle 2024: Shining Stars of the World - Rules & Regulations

1. Introduction:

Welcome to Dance Battle 2024: Shining Stars of the World, the premier online-to-offline dance contest! This platform aims to celebrate and showcase dance talent from all over the globe. Please read the rules and regulations thoroughly to ensure a smooth participation process.

2. Eligibility:
- All participants must be 18 years or older. Participants below 18 must provide written consent from a parent or guardian.

- This contest is open to residents of all countries, provided they can attend the Grand Finale should they be shortlisted.

2.1 Dance Contest Age Group Criteria Children's Category: Age 6-12 years Teenagers' Category: Age 13-18 years Adults' Category: Age above 18 years Participants must fall within the respective age groups on the date of the contest. Please provide a valid proof of age (e.g., birth certificate, ID card) during registration.

3. Registration: - All participants must register through the official Dance Battle 2024 page.

- Registration is free of charge.

- By registering, participants agree to all terms and conditions laid out in these rules and regulations.

4. Video Submission:

- Videos must be between 2 to 3 minutes in length. Videos outside this duration will be disqualified.

- Videos must be of high quality, with a clear focus on the dancer or dance group.

- The submitted video should be original and performed by the registrant(s). Plagiarism of any kind will lead to immediate disqualification.

- Videos with inappropriate or offensive content will be rejected.

- Videos must be submitted before the stipulated deadline. Late submissions will not be entertained.

Dance Styles:

- All dance styles from across the world are welcome.

- Participants can choose traditional, contemporary, or fusion styles. Creativity is encouraged!


- Entries will be judged on the basis of originality, technique, presentation, creativity, and overall impact.

- Judges’ decisions are final and binding. No appeals or objections will be entertained.

Grand Finale:

- Shortlisted participants will be notified via email and must confirm their availability for the Grand Finale.

- The Grand Finale will take place offline, in a live event format.

- All travel and accommodation arrangements for the Grand Finale will be the responsibility of the participants unless otherwise stated by the organizers.

- Participants will be given a specific amount of time for their final performance, details of which will be shared in advance.

8. Prizes:

- The prizes for winners will be announced separately.

- All prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other forms of compensation.

9. Code of Conduct:

- All participants are expected to maintain respect and dignity throughout the contest.

- Any form of misconduct, misrepresentation, or harassment will lead to immediate disqualification.

10. Data Usage and Privacy:

- All personal information submitted during registration will be used solely for the purpose of the contest.

- Videos submitted may be used for promotional purposes by the organizers.

11. Disclaimer:

The organizers reserve the right to modify the rules, terms, and conditions without prior notice. Participants are advised to regularly check the official page for updates.

12. Contact:

For any queries, concerns, or feedback, please contact our support team at [support email/phone number].

By registering for Dance Battle 2024: Shining Stars of the World, participants acknowledge and accept all rules and regulations stated above. We wish all our shining stars the very best of luck!